Just learned that the fact that I know what a dictionary is and use one makes me old.

For all you young people a dictionary was actually a book; You know those things your parents probly have with lots of pages and a lot of words on those pages.

Not too long ago we use to look words up in these books for the meaning of those words. I guess today you call it google-ing. My parents would have slapped me and given me a lecture on the birds and the bees  if I said I was going to Google it growing up.

Cheers to all you old farts that once used a dictionary. Guess listening to my cassette tapes would really confuse them!


what is that thing?


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One response to “Dictionary?

  1. Kim

    You are correct. You mention 45’s and a record player they look at you like you have lost your mind!….and yes the good ol dictionary! My how times have changed…..

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