Jason Aldean Gets a Ticket for Swimming on the Beach

Jason Aldean is taking some time off from his My Kinda Party tour on the beach, but the vacation got off to a bumpy start.  Jason tweeted Monday night, “Dear officer who gave me a ticket on the beach today for swimming in the water with double red flags.. Thanx for the warning Barney Fife!”

Jason understands the officer was just doing his job, but he added, “I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t drown in knee deep water. Gimme a break!”

Jason posted a picture of the beach filled with swimmers and noted that the officer only gave $100 tickets to him and a 12-year-old-girl.

Though some fans rose up in defense of the officer, Jason appreciated the Twitter discourse with his fans.  He said, “I love it when yall get fired up on here!!!! Wooooo!”

Jason fires up his My Kinda Party tour again on July 12 in Toronto.

More at the link 96.9 The Wolf!.


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