Miranda Lambert Uses Twitter to Speak Her Mind and Spy on Her Husband

Miranda Lambert Uses Twitter to Speak Her Mind and Spy on Her Husband

Randee St. NicholasMiranda Lambert isn’t afraid to speak her mind on Twitter, and you may recall she used the social network to call out Eric Church last month.  Miranda took issue with Eric’s statements about artists that got their start on TV music competitions.  Of course, Miranda got her start on Nashville Star, and her husband Blake Shelton is a mentor on NBC’s The Voice.

Eric issued a statement saying he never meant to offend anyone with his statements, and Miranda has moved on from the incident too.

“I think that anybody can get roped into a really bad interview situation,” Miranda says.  “I’ve had things printed about me before that sounded way worse than they were.”

Miranda adds that she and Eric are totally fine now, and there’s no ongoing feud to speak of between them.

She says, “It’s not really a feud.  It’s just ‘Dude, you totally messed up and you know it’ and you move on.”

Miranda has other uses for Twitter including following her favorite celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Jessica Simpson.  She also keeps an eye on her Blake’s wacky Twitter feed too.

“If I’m gonna check up on someone, it’s definitely Blake,” Miranda says with a laugh.  “I look to see who he’s following and why, and why they’re all hot girls.  Check his direct messages.  Things like that.  No big deal.”

Miranda will be checking up on Blake before hitting the stage in Columbus, OH, Thursday night.

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