Rowdy Nites got his start as a radio personality a few years back as a fluke.  He started part time while he was trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life and as it turns out his destiny found him.  The great thing about Rowdy is as much as he loves entertaining crowds the people he entertains seem to love him right back.

Rowdy is mainstay in radio regionally.  Everyday Rowdy combines his unique “every man” personality with his years of marketing and promotions experience to make for a dynamic combination allowing him to dominate all he touches.

Because of Rowdy’s authentic “hand shake” personality he transcends radio and reaches into the community where he is called on regularly to entertain the masses.  More importantly to Rowdy, this genuine authenticity has allowed him to form numerous long lasting friendships in the community and nationally on the country music scene.

Rowdy electrifies crowds at nearly every country music concert, festival, charity and radio event in the Low country and surrounding areas.  He has become country’s premiere “people’s entertainers”. He commands crowds of all sizes to lead them in a common effort.  If it is enjoying a musical event, corporate advertising, raising awareness and money for a charitable cause, good times or helping someone through bad times, Rowdy has a way of embracing each and every moment to meet the need and exceed the goal.

Rowdy Nites has helped raise millions of dollars for local and national non-profit, charitable organizations and families in crisis including St. Jude’s, MUSC Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Victory Junction Gang, Children’s Miracle Network, Relay for Live, Susan G. Coleman foundation, Bikers Helping Bikers, just to name a few. Rowdy continues to raise monies for different organizations every day. His goal for this year is to raise $500,000.00 for those in need. He believes his success should be used to benefit those in need and can truly be judged by the countless number of people he has been able to help.

Rowdy continues to push the limit at his live shows. If you haven’t been, what are you waiting for?  Check out the calendar or events for the next Rowdy event! Look for Rowdy out at all the concerts. He will surely be the one making a scene!!!!

So what if you’re looking for country, down home, patriotic, in your face fun…you’ve come to the right place!!

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